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November 2009 Newsletter

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Editor's letter,

As social media enthusiasts in Israel get ready for Jeff Pulver's 140conf in Tel Aviv, we'll be excited to hear how Twitter and the real-time web is affecting industries from big brands to music, politics, and non-profits.

The truth is that social media, and in particular the big 4: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, are transforming how we communicate. You can't  ignore the conversations happening in these places because they'll continue. Whether you're there or not. Make sure that you're present, providing useful information, and responding appropriately. Who knows, you could even get arrested for not using Twitter!

The question that most commonly follows is, yeah, social media is great, but how can I justify spending our resources on it? In this newsletter we'll explore a few of the pressing issues and you'll be able to decide whether social media is right for you.

Happy Chanukah!

Miriam Schwab

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6 Ways to Maximize ROI for Web and Social Media Campaigns

Tons of businesses are eager to jump into the social media frenzy but don't know where to start or how to justify their activity.  Here is a clever and funny introduction to ROI for social media from Mashable.

We over here at illuminea are constantly referring to our belief that a company's website/blog is the "home base" for all web activity, with the goal being to engage with people offsite and eventually channel them back to your site to take action in some way. Basically, social media on its own is not (gasp) an instant key to success. It must be used in conjunction with an overall strategy in order to get results. (See our presentation on "What Social Media Marketing is NOT" for more info on this.) Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for maximizing your web presence:

  1. Determine Goals. Defining goals always sounds so general and abstract. But the real question is: how will you know when you've reached success? Do you want social media to do your laundry for you or pick the winning lottery numbers? While those could happen (anything is possible with crowdsourcing...), more realistic goals could be to create better relationships and improve search engine rankings. Here are 5 common social media goals.
  2. Consistency. Create branded, unified profiles and messaging across the web that integrates with your website and/or blog. Here are some good examples of companies successfully using the social web.
  3. Get Google to love you - Drive targeted traffic to your site by optimizing it for search engines. Make sure that you are investing in keyword research, on-site optimization, content promotion, link building, analytics and more. And you always have the option to institute a Pay-Per-Click campaign to drive fast targeted traffic until your site moves up the ranks of the search engines.
  4. Don't give up on Email - While some people may claim that the e-newsletter is dead, the statistics and value of maintaining ongoing relationships with your visitors prove otherwise. Encourage visitors to sign up to a useful, informative newsletter that is published on a monthly basis. Identify the best email distribution service for your needs, design a branded custom HTML email template, and analyze the results of each campaign.
  5. Analytics - Who's coming to your site? Where are they coming from? Is your content optimized for your visitors? Are they reaching the goals you've defined? These questions and more can be answered by paying close attention to your site's activity with analytics services like Google Analytics.
  6. The Big Daddy of Web Marketing (an official illuminea service) -  Pulling it all together. A high-performance web presence is one that tightly integrates into a powerful internet marketing strategy. Optimize your social media activity by integrating it with your SEO keyword strategy, and improve your SEO by driving traffic AND building long-term relationships on the social web; convert site visitors to leads by integrating social media, SEO and email; analyze your successes and tweak for better results with ongoing analytics analysis; and more.

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In this edition:

Editor's letter

6 Ways to Maximize ROI for Web and Social Media Campaigns

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