Secure your site with HTTPS

To help users browse the web safely, Chrome has started indicating whether the site you're on is secure (uses HTTPS://) or insecure (uses HTTP://).

Secure your site with HTTPS

You can read more about it here.

This is how it looks if you’re using HTTP:

This is how it looks if you’re using HTTPS:

Google has also announced that they’ll be using HTTPS as a ranking factor.

Moving over to a secure site (HTTPS) also gives you the option to apply the http/2 protocol to your site, which offers asynchronous loading of files, which means your site will load faster.

illuminea would like to help our clients make this transition. Here are the things we will need to do to get your website converted to HTTPS:

  • Help you secure and install a FREE Let’s Encrypt security certificate for your website (single site only)  if you are hosted with us.
  • Update the configuration of your website to point to HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Redirect all incoming requests for your HTTP website to the location of the HTTPS site.
  • Re-verify ownership of your website in Google Search Console and update the sitemap location.
  • Update your web property’s configuration in Google Analytics.
  • Do a search and replace in your database
  • Test and confirm that the conversion was successful and that there are no mixed content errors
  • Apply http/2 for faster site load time

The price for this service is 1,500 NIS+VAT

To get started, please email us at



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