SEO Site Audit

Increase targeted traffic to your website. Generate more leads and/or conversions. Extend your website’s visibility on the web. Maximize marketing ROI

If you want to achieve the top spots for your site in Google or any other search engine and maintain a sustainable flow of targeted, high quality traffic, you need to make sure your website is fully optimized.

There is no better first step to making this happen than an SEO site audit. A one-off audit helps you build a solid foundation for your online marketing efforts by making sure your pages and content are seen by people searching for what you have to offer.

In a site audit, we check all the technical parameters on your website related to search engine optimization. We go over everything with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that all the SEO “building blocks” are in place so that you can maximize your website and improve your organic search rankings.

Upon completion of the SEO audit, we will review our recommendations with your team and help you with the implementation plan. We want to make sure that our recommendations get implemented in a timely manner, providing you with the fastest possible results.

The SEO site audit does not include implementation of our recommendations. However, we of course provide ongoing SEO services for an additional monthly fee and we would be happy to do the implementation for you.

Otherwise, the reports that we provide are very clear and together with the review session with us after the audit, your development or web admin team will be able to implement our recommendations themselves.

Our site audits include but are not limited to the following areas of analysis (where relevant):

  • URL structure
  • Keyword research & opportunities
  • Labeling and naming conventions
  • Site architecture
  • Technical issues
  • Design implications on SEO efforts
  • Internal linking strategy
  • External linking strategy
  • Site content quality and strategy
  • On page SEO factors
  • Crawl issues
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Current analytics
  • Current search engine indexing
  • Potential link preservation issues

The price for this service is 3,750 NIS+VAT

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