Thanks to our blog, we are now considered PayPal Israel experts

So you’re wondering how you can use PayPal in Israel? Does PayPal accept Shekels? Can you withdraw your PayPal funds to your Israeli bank account? Etc. As you often do when in doubt, you head over to Google and type in “PayPal Israel” to see what the web has to say about your questions. If  Continue »

How PayPal really works for Israelis and Shekels

There always seems to be confusion regarding how Israelis can use PayPal – can they use it in their currency, i.e. Shekels? Can they withdraw funds? Are there limits they should know about? Almost a year ago I blogged about an announcement on the PayPal blog regarding new PayPal currencies, one of which was the  Continue »

Everything you wanted to know about Paypal and the Israeli Shekel

People are always asking us about Paypal and how it works in Israel with the Shekel. So, I went back to the announcement on the PayPal blog, New PayPal Currencies: Mexican Peso and Israeli Shekel. After reading over comments from Moshe,  Fabio,  Roi, Roberto,  Yeong-Ping Koh and the like, I learned more from the comments  Continue »