PayPal now available in Hebrew! (Kind of)

Since we find ourselves often reporting about PayPal usage in Israel, I thought our readers would want to know that PayPal is now available in Hebrew! Well, kind of. Here’s the link, but no matter which language I select for the interface (top-right corner of the screen), I see English. It seems that the roll  Continue »

Israel PayPal accounts can now withdraw funds to Israeli bank accounts! Amen!

The day that I thought would never arrive is here: Israeli PayPal account holders can now withdraw their PayPal funds to Israeli bank accounts! Oh happy day. PayPal says that it will take 3-5 days for your funds to arrive in your Israeli bank account, and there is an 8 NIS fee if you withdraw  Continue »

Thanks to our blog, we are now considered PayPal Israel experts

So you’re wondering how you can use PayPal in Israel? Does PayPal accept Shekels? Can you withdraw your PayPal funds to your Israeli bank account? Etc. As you often do when in doubt, you head over to Google and type in “PayPal Israel” to see what the web has to say about your questions. If  Continue »