Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 2 of 3

What should you write about?

So you’re ready to send out your first e-newsletter where you’re going to tell your clients how amazing you are at what you do and why they should order more business from you. Don’t do it! Your newsletter’s level of effectiveness is directly related to how interesting it is. A monthly newsletter raving about you and your business is not interesting. It is perceived as annoying advertising, and your subscribers will either ignore it, delete it, or will unsubscribe.

Your goal as the manager of an e-newsletter is to retain your subscribers and encourage them to open and read your mailing. But if I’m not talking about myself, you may ask, how is this good for my business? An e-newsletter is good for your business when you provide interesting content that demonstrates your level of expertise. This formula achieves two important marketing goals: 1) the interesting content will retain your readers, which means that on a regular basis they will be exposed to your company’s name, and 2) by writing articles in your areas of expertise, people will come to accept that you are very knowledgeable in your area of business.

Some examples of articles that are interesting to your readers are:

  • “10 Steps to” articles, i.e. “10 Steps to Better Office Lighting”
  • “How to” articles, i.e. “How to Improve the Lighting in Your Office”
  • Reports on surveys and studies, i.e. “Worker Productivity Directly Related to Quality of Office Lighting, Study Says”
  • Links to related articles in your industry

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