Case Study

Adi Israel.

About the Organization.

While empowering hundreds of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens to advance well beyond their initial prognoses and live happy, dignified, and meaningful lives, ADI is also establishing fully inclusive communities and laying the groundwork for the provision of the highest-level rehabilitative care for all.

Why they love us.

Working with Aviva and her amazing team has literally made THE DIFFERENCE for ADI! They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, super fast response time, patient with all our questions and requests, understanding of our needs, very reasonably price…I could literally go on and on. I give the illuminea team the HIGHEST recommendation – 10 Stars! Two Thumbs Up!

Dov Hirth
Coordinator of Marketing, ADI Israel

Some background.

ADI Israel is an organization that helps those with disabilities to lead full and meaningful lives. The organization is run by the most committed group of people that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. They care deeply about those they are helping and create such a wonderful environment that we wanted to be part of their goodness in any way possible.

The ADI Israel marketing team came to us with a website that was getting on the older side from a design perspective, and wasn’t quite supporting the features that they wanted on the backend.

What we did.

Our main goal was to help them promote their services as well as to make their donation platform as simple as possible, since they rely so heavily on donations in order to be able to do their amazing work.

We rebuilt their site in a simple but more modern design, with a strong focus on driving the user to donate as part of their journey. We built out a robust campaign platform that allowed ADI to create campaigns on the fly for specific events, services, or equipment needed to manage their facility.
These campaigns created a game-changing experience for the fundraising team, who now had the sky as their limit! We also built a comprehensive reporting system on the backend to allow the site administrators to filter donations to create a better understanding of who was donating and to where.

We are so proud of the amazing work ADI Israel does on a daily basis and are grateful for our small part in helping them succeed.

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