Step-By-Step Guide to WordPress Maintenance

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Updates for WordPress and its plugins are released all the time. How often should you update and in what order? Here are some guidelines for DIY WordPress website maintenance.

How to Allow Editors to Edit Gravity Forms

We frequently instruct clients to try to keep the number of users with administrator level access to a minimum. Not everyone who will be editing site content needs to also have access to all the plugins and settings, nor should they. The problem is that by default, giving more limited access to users, such as […]

How to Improve WordPress Website Speed

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One of the many things that proper WordPress website maintenance includes is staying on top of the plugins that are installed and any other little “extras” that have a way of piling up. But as the code piles up, it can slow your website down. And when a webpage loads slowly, people leave. That can […]

Service Change Due to Coronavirus? Update Your Web Presence!

Now more than ever, you need potential customers to know how to reach you! When everything possible is moving online, users expect to receive updated information. Your web presence during Coronavirus reflects how your company as a whole is responding. The places a user is likely to check for service changes and updates are the […]

3 Rules for Putting Video on Your WordPress Website

If there wasn’t already enough of an incentive to get in front of your audience with video marketing, the Coronavirus crisis is getting even the most timid people in front of cameras. In fact, according to a Renderforest survey of 1000 last year, 9 out of 10 viewers say that product videos are useful in […]

What’s the Deal With All the Cookie Pop Ups?

Cookie pop up notices are everywhere on the web. And they are annoying. What brought on this plague anyways? If you’re like most users, you just hit “Accept” so that you can move on. Especially if you believe the lines that say that some of the website performance may be affected if you don’t. What […]

2019 Year in Review

2019 was a BIG year for us. We merged our team here in Israel with our new parent company, LeverageIT, to create a GLOBAL WORKFORCE We expanded our core competencies to include: To design and develop beautiful, engaging, complex yet simplified web experiences that users WANT to engage with To become an on-demand tech team […]

What the theme? A detailed look into custom versus out of the box solutions

I recently participated in a WordPress experts panel, which allowed members of the community to ask us technical questions as well as to get our opinions on common practices. A lot of the questions that came in revolved around themes and page builders. Here at illuminea, we have spent years curating our approach to development, and here […]

WordPress e-comm unlocked

Some potentially exciting news popped up on my newsfeed today courtesy of WPMayor. BigCommerce has emerged with a WordPress integration that would allow you to power your e-commerce store within your WordPress site while still relying on the BigCommerce backend to manage your sales. For as long as I can remember, I have relied on 2 […]

illuminea is acquired by LeverageIT

We are thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of illuminea by LeverageIT, a Toronto-based digital agency. As many of you are aware, Miriam Schwab founded and built illuminea in 2005 to become one of the leading WordPress agencies in Israel. A self-taught coder who fell in love with WordPress, Miriam built herself up to become […]