The ultimate guide to cross-posting on WordPress and Medium to increase engagement while avoiding duplicate content

How to cross post on WordPress and Medium

I love WordPress, obvs. It’s my CMS and blogging platform of choice for so many reasons. But sometimes it seems like a party is happening on other, similar platforms, and FOMO sets in. Cool, cutting-edge people are sharing their smart, insightful thoughts and getting Recommends, Follows, and most importantly…more views and engagement. I’m talking about you Medium. What is […]

Make sure your online passwords are better than Mark Zuckerberg’s [VIDEO]

Have I been pwned website screenshot

Earlier this month Mark Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts were briefly hacked. It seems that he made the same mistake that many people do online: he used the same password across his social media accounts. Once a hacker got hold of his password for one account, they were able to log in to […]

3 Reasons why sliders are bad for your website’s health


Websites aren’t just a pretty face. In fact, their prettiness is only as good as the purpose it serves. Almost everything on a site should be geared towards helping you and your users achieve goals, like getting people to sign up for a demo or newsletter, request a quote, read more pages to get more […]

SMX Israel 2014: the future of mobile SEO is here

On January 26, SMX came to Israel again for the third time, and as usual it was great. Lunch was delicious, the wi-fi mostly worked, and there were so many great speakers. It was also cool seeing all the participants who flew in from around the world, and based on write-ups that I saw, they […]

Learn about mobile SEO at SMX Israel…next week!

SMX Israel 2014 logo

SMX Israel 2014 is around the corner, and there’s a really great lineup of speakers and topics that will be covered: link building tactics, YouTube optimization, Hebrew SEO, recovering from penalties (ooooh that’s a critical one), and more. I’ll be speaking on a panel with John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, aka the very helpful […]

WordPress for startups: what you need to know to make the most of it

Process of building a WordPress site

More and more startups look towards WordPress to get their website off the ground, and for good reason! WordPress is Open Source, so you’re not locked into one vendor forever; it integrates well with search and social marketing; it’s easy to manage; and the themes are either free or cost very little! It’s many a […]