3 excellent sources for keeping up-to-date on WordPress news


Like any piece of self-respecting software or online service, WordPress and its ecosystem are constantly changing and improving. Between core updates, new plugins, and useful tutorials released by the community, it can be hard to keep track of it all. As an agency that provides WordPress services, we of course must constantly stay up-to-date on […]

WordPress 3.6 is cool: native support for video and audio files, post locking and more

WordPress 3.6

This past Friday, a new version of WordPress was released to the world. Called “Oscar” after Oscar Peterson, a jazz pianist, it includes some pretty cool and exciting updates and features. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights: Native support for video and audio files WordPress has great support for embedding YouTube and Vimeo […]

Skitch, the awesome screenshot and annotation app, available for Windows!

For years I’ve been pining over Skitch. Like so many things created by and for Apple, Skitch is beautiful, elegant and simple. It does what it should do, easily and without unnecessary frills. Every so often I’d click through to the Skitch website to see if maybe, just maybe, we lowly Windows users could become […]

See updates that a Facebook Page is trying to hide

Zoomshare Hidden Facebook Updates

Have you ever posted a status update on the Facebook Page of a company in order to complain about something, only to find that your post has been removed by the page admin? It can be very upsetting. You can’t help but feel that your freedom of expression is being limited, and that the company […]

How to automatically backup your digital life with Dropbox, Backupify, Google and more

Our lives are increasingly digital. Just think about it: our personal and business communication, photos, documents – they’re all being stored in digital format. And that information isn’t just stored on your hard drive anymore: you might have your email running on Google’s servers thanks to their Gmail service, your photos saved on your smartphone, […]

Make sure your computer is not using rogue DNS servers…before July 9

On July 9, 2012, there is a chance that many computers will cease to be able to surf the web because of malware that proliferated among millions of computers starting in 2007. You can find out if your computer is among them. Why will computers stop being able to surf the web? Starting in 2007, […]