C is for a StumbleUpon cookie

I rarely use the Stumble! button on the StumbleUpon toolbar. Basically, what it does is when you press it, it offers you a random site that others have “stumbled,” or voted for, as good sites. It’s actually pretty fun to discover these sites that you’d never come across otherwise.

Well, today I decided to test my luck, and StumbleUpon showed me this cartoon, which really spoke to me because I grew up with Cookie Monster, and now I deal with big-people cookies.

Cookie Monster

Oh, Cookie Monster, you are so…consistent.

What do we learn from this (since everything must have a purpose):

  1. Social media can be fun.
  2. Social media can be a huge time waster, so be careful.
  3. If you use StumbleUpon enough, and/or you write good blog posts that others will want to “Stumble,” you too can enjoy surprise visitors and increased traffic to your site.

More information on using StumbleUpon:

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