The business of asking for directions in Israel

Have you ever asked someone for directions in Israel, or given directions yourself? Giving directions in Israel is an art and almost a religion. While there are those who will misguide you, many will take five minutes to tell you exactly where to go, and if you ask someone who is in their car, they […]

Netvision is superior to ISOC-IL – or at least they think they are

Netvision apparently thinks that they are the rulers of all things Internet in Israel. They may have a large market share of Internet accounts, but their bravado with regards to Internet standards really takes the cake. Background: Like many services or technologies that are used worldwide, such as telephones and electricity, the Internet has Standards. […]

Israel ranked 17th in entrepreneurial study

In Israel, everyone is an entrepreneur. At least, sometimes it seems that way. Everyone knows someone who has started up some kind of venture, whether it’s related to technology, finance or industry. Sometimes I can’t believe how many people I personally know who have technology startups. Many of these ideas do come to fruition and […]

Women miss work less than men in Israel

Now there is one less excuse for not hiring women: according to a survey conducted by business data firm HSP Hashavim of the Hilan Tech and the Trendline group, women are absent from work less than men. This phenomenon is apparently unique to Israel, while everywhere else in the Western world women miss more work […]

International Herald Tribune Advertises Tender for Nuclear Reactors

[Go to the end of this post to see the original ad] If any of us thought that the West was going to work to stop Iran from developing nuclear capabilities, at least economically if not militarily, then think again. The following pretty much indicates that profit, even the smallish profit derived from newspaper advertising, […]

Video for Yom Haatzmaut about barbecuing

Last year my dad took a classic photo of a guy on his way to his Yom Haatzmaut barbecue. I made a short video all about Yom Haatzmaut and barbecueing in honor of this guy who is the most serious mangaler/barbecuer I have ever seen. [googlevideo][/googlevideo]

Digital Eve Meets Jerusalem at Speed-Networking Evening

Last night I attended my first speed networking event. It was organized by Digital Eve, who has held two such events in Tel Aviv, and last night’s was the first one in Jerusalem. Where? The venue, the Pera e Mela (Apple and Pear) restaurant in Safra Square, was great – good Italian-style food, nice ambience, […]

Women in the workplace

A recent conversation on the Digital Eve Israel mailing list brought up the topic of pregnancy and the workplace. While the law in Israel states that employers cannot fire pregnant women, this is apparently not enforced and many stories were related by women on the list who were fired when pregnant or upon return from […]

Self-Employment and Maternity Leave: Part 1

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the growing gaps between blog posts. Babies are great fun and too cute, and along with this privilege comes a lack of sleep, and a sharp drop in available time for activities other than holding and feeding said baby. Bloggers in the blogosphere all espouse the importance […]

Israel’s Bank Salaries Higher than Salaries in Similar Economies

A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it. Bob Hope I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Thomas Jefferson You know the scene in Mary Poppins where Jane and Michael cause a run on the bank because […]