Step-By-Step Guide to WordPress Maintenance

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Updates for WordPress and its plugins are released all the time. How often should you update and in what order? Here are some guidelines for DIY WordPress website maintenance.

How to Improve WordPress Website Speed

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One of the many things that proper WordPress website maintenance includes is staying on top of the plugins that are installed and any other little “extras” that have a way of piling up. But as the code piles up, it can slow your website down. And when a webpage loads slowly, people leave. That can […]

Free Webinar on WordPress Maintenance!

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We’ve worked on over 100 websites, and we’ve seen a lot of set ups that are, well… less than ideal. Learn how to avoid some common mistakes that leave gaping holes in your website’s security and reduce the ability of search engine robots to scan your site. Gain confidence with our free webinar, Tuesday, July 5, 9pm […]