Google Drive finally launches and other useful info from illuminea’s April 2012 webinar

Recently, we launched a new monthly lecture series to present the most important web trends for marketing professionals.

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At the April 2012 Web Trends Webinar, Miriam Schwab, the Friendly CEO of illuminea, spoke about:

Love the Sociabell graphic!


  • Google Webmaster tools keeping data for 90 days
  • Keep a close on your Google account with activity reports
  • Need more space in your inbox? Sort emails by size with a Google Spreadsheet script
  • How Google Penguin updates affecting sites
  • Google Drive finally launching but not with iPhone access
  • Google+ gets a new design, as if that’ll make more people join…


Fancy graphs to show user's engagement with the Facebook timeline
  • You can now email people’s message box based on their profile URL. Good for stalkers…
  • Download IP addresses to see who’s been logged into your account
  • Timeline Checklist – a list with useful tools for optimizing your timeline
  • Fancy graphs for Facebook engagement since the launch of timelines
  • Facebook ads that link to internal Facebook pages perform better, and are cheaper.
LinkedIn's People You May Know feature
  • People You May Know feature
  • Targeted updates
  • Follower stats
  • iPad app which represents a general trend of people moving away from apps and more toward specialized mobile and tablet sites
  • Overview of ad options and prices
  • Partner program allows you to put ads on your videos and do revenue share with YouTube

We also discussed: Pinterest, WordPress stats – over 72.4 million sites built on WP, Klout, Wajam, Sociabell,  joliprint, and

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Watch the April 2012 web trends lecture video
We apologize for the quality of the video. To see the accompanying presentation, go here

April 2012 Slideshow on Slideshare.