Hosting & Maintenance

Because WordPress website ownership should be a stress-free experience​


Regularly scheduled offsite backups, ready to go in a jiffy in the unlikely event they are needed.​

Software Updates

To keep your site safe, secure, and speedy.

Uptime Monitoring​

Real-time monitoring of the website to make sure it's up and running​​

Malware Removal​

Because sites can potentially get hacked, even when precautions are taken​

Security Scans​

In addition to automated checks, thorough manual inspections look out for any signs of something fishy (or phishy)

Google Suite of Services​

Get hooked up and decked out with Google Analytics, Search Console, and My Business for measuring and marketing your site​

Yearly Hosting

350 /Month
  • Includes everything in our Maintenance packages
  • Includes hosting for one website
  • Includes 5GB Storage and 100GB Data Transfer
  • Larger packages available upon request

Monthly Maintenance

300 /Month
  • Updating of plugins, themes and core files
  • Daily site backups
  • Malware scanning
  • Uptime Monitoring

Hourly Support

280 / Hour
  • On-demand and as-needed for greatest flexibility
  • Can be used for a wide variety of tasks and projects, including training
  • Lower rates for Not For Profits available upon request

Monthly Maintenance Services are designed to cover the sort of routine upkeep that keeps your website performing at its best and backups just in case anything goes wrong. New features are released regularly so WordPress needs to be upgraded, plugins need upgrading, and your database (the thing that stores your content) needs to be optimized every once in a while. All of the above is not only important for keeping you up-to-date, but also for security and stability. Outdated WordPress installations and plugins can provide an open door to hackers. 

We provide Website Hosting to customers who don’t like waiting on hold for a support representative or their site going down and let us deal with any server issues that may come up. All hosting packages include our maintenance services, so that we know that all sites on our server are kept up to date and secure.

Hourly Support is designed to cover pretty much everything else. This can be error troubleshooting, content updates, adding new features, and all of those little things that come up along the way when you own a website.