Launch of our new Israeli business and hi-tech events calendar

We’re schepping lots of naches from our newly revamped Israel business and hi-tech events calendar.

For those of you interested in the WordPress side of things, the calendar is running on a nifty premium plugin. It took quite a bit of tweaking to get it running properly, but the plugin’s creators were very helpful, and we’re quite happy with the results. (Miriam plans to do a plugin review on

You’ll see that there is the calendar view of events, and a list view. If you click through to specific events from either of these views, you’ll see all the information related to the event: date, time, place, and relevant pictures and multimedia.

Israel Business and Hitech Events Calendar
The calendar view on our Israel business and hitech events calendar

This is an exciting upgrade for us since we’ve had a popular though quite lo-tech calendar on our site for quite a while now. We’re very happy to offer you a much easier to view and easier to use version of the same, useful information.

Check out all the cool features, and if you have any events you’d like us to add to the calendar, please send them to Enjoy!