List of Digital Eve Israel bloggers published by JobMob

Digital Eve is a global organization for business women, with about 20 branches around the world. Most of the branches are in the US and Canada, and only three are international: Japan, the UK, and…you guessed it: Israel.

The Israeli chapter of Digital Eve consists of a very active and professional email list with about 1500 subscribers. People use the list to get advice, find new employees and suppliers, and promote themselves and their own businesses. The list is moderated to maintain a high level of professional dialogue, and as a result it has become a favorite among the general Israeli business community, with many men joining as well and becoming proud “Devas,” as the group members are called.

Jacob Share from JobMob is one of those honorary male Devas, and he likes Digital Eve so much that he calls it “The best English mailing list in Israel for professionals.” Since a particular focus of the Digital Eve Israel chapter is the hi-tech industry, the topic of blogs and social media marketing have come up repeatedly on the list. As a service to the list members and even those not on the list, Jacob has put together a list of Digital Eve bloggers. It’s in a nice graphic format with screenshots of each blog displayed, and little icon links to the bloggers’ various social media profiles.

This list an interesting insight into the Israeli business blogging world. It’s worth checking out. And if you’re not yet a member of Digital Eve, I suggest you join now (go to the Digital Eve Israel website, and click on the big red button in the middle column that says Join Now).

Digital Eve Israel’s Bloggers