WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

If you already have a WordPress site, at some point you will need some new features or upgrades, or something  will break.

Don’t have the time, skills or geeky inclinations to take care of it yourself?

Who you gonna call?

Let us help you out!

illuminea’s Time-bank packages allow you to get a full range of maintenance and support services to keep your WordPress site at the top of its game – while keeping a cap on your budget.

Time-bank services include:

WordPress Tweaks… Delivered

Want to add a new feature, widget, plugin or thingamajig to your WordPress site? Is something not working like it should?

Let illuminea’s WordPress experts take care of that for you… pronto!

Upgrades for Stability and Security

New features are released regularly so WordPress needs to be upgraded, plugins need upgrading, and your database (the thing that stores your content) needs to be optimized every once in a while. All of the above is not only important for keeping you up-to-date, but also for security and stability. Outdated WordPress installations and plugins can provide an open door to hackers.


You need to make sure your site is being backed up. Even with all the security in the world, things can happen and your site could crash. Therefore, backups are critical in the digital age.

Ask us anything (about WordPress)!

You’ll probably have questions along the way – what’s the best plugin to use for SEO? How do I add a photo gallery? Why did my sidebar just go all wonky?

Our hosting and maintenance package takes care of all of the above for you. For a reasonable monthly fee, we take care of all the above for you, and you get access to our WordPress knowledge and ideas when you need it.

illuminea WordPress maintenance services:

  • Site upgrades
  • Plugin upgrades
  • Security scan
  • New Features
  • Ongoing database and file backups
  • Database optimization
  • Technical support from a team that has 8 years experience building WordPress sites, and close to 100 sites under our belts!

(By the way, we can also get you up and running with a WordPress site if you don’t have one. We provide a quick, low-cost development service called Pressed, or complete custom sites planned, designed and developed from scratch.)

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