Middle East Entrepreneur Training program discrimination: update

A little over a week ago, I discovered “The Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET),” a US State Dept.-backed program geared towards strengthening leadership and entrepreneurial skills among residents of the Middle East…except Israeli Jews!

I quickly contacted as many people as I could about this blatant discrimination, including reporting this on a mailing list for journalists and writers. This happened last Thursday, Sept. 21, and by Friday morning all of the related web pages had been taken down, and were changed to include Israeli Jews.

But instead of blowing over, Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu reported on this on IsraelNationalNews.com, complete with pictures of the State Dept.’s shoddy attempt at correcting their online Word documents with Track Changes on for all to see! (And then with a virus inside. It just wasn’t their day.)
His article was subsequently picked up by prominent blogger Yid with Lid, and since then it has spread like wildfire throughout the political blogosphere. Here is a partial list of blogs that reported this story, and I will be updating it as I discover more:

Will any “traditional” news outlets pick this up and report on it? Only time will tell…although time seems to be indicating that they are either unaware, or disinterested.