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Today, having an effective web presence is no longer just about having a corporate web site. In fact, some people say that the typical corporate website has become "irrelevant."

Today’s web is about combining search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic-generating strategies with the engagement and long-term relationship building of social media marketing. In addition, the world of SEO is changing by the second, and Google and the other search engines are constantly adding new social and user-generated results to their feature set. This means that SEO professionals can no longer completely depend on the usual SEO tactics to rank; they need to add social media marketing to their internet marketing mix.

To help you get the best, actionable and measurable results from your online presence, illuminea takes the following strategic approach that we call Social SEO:

WordPress development

Creating a goal-oriented, usable and socially-integrated site and blog built on WordPress. Learn more about our WordPress development services.


Helping people find your site by optimizing it for search engines (SEO) with on-site and off-site tactics like proper coding and keyword usage. Learn more about our SEO services.


Since SEO is a long-term strategy and it can take time to see results, it’s great to supplement your search marketing with paid search campaigns (also known as search engine marketing (SEM), PPC or Google Adwords). Paid search can also contribute to identifying the best keywords and landing pages for converting visitors. Learn more about our SEM/PPC services.

Social media

Distributing your web presence across various social media channels by regularly creating useful blog posts and sharing it on the social networks like twitter, facebook, YouTube and more. This allow people to engage with your brand and content off-site as well, and to drive targeted traffic to your site. Having a social web presence is also friendlier, creates relationships and consists of dialogues, not monologues. Learn more about our social media services.

Email marketing

Staying in touch with leads and clients via a rich and informative email marketing strategy. Email is a great tool for staying in front of those interested in the services you provide, especially when integrated with the fresh content being produced on your blog. Learn more about our email marketing strategy.

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