PayPal Israel now has a customer support number!

We at illuminea get quite a lot of PayPal support requests due to the fact that if you search for PayPal Israel on Google we appear high on the first page of results.

Well, we just found that PayPal Israel has established a local support number!

The number is 073-713-7777 and is open 9am to 6pm  Sunday through Thursday.

I had a PayPal question so I decided to call and see how the support was. The rep was very friendly and helpful, and it turns out he’s located in Dublin. He told me that since this support service is new, the Dublin office is taking Israeli support questions until about the end of July, when the Israel office will have finished setting up Israeli support agents.

He also told me you can email your questions to This is a temporary address until the Israeli support team is up and running.


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