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Pressed opens up illuminea’s professional WordPress development services to smaller organizations and companies that don’t necessarily need their sites to perform alchemy. With over five years of experience building robust, custom WordPress websites, we are now offering small but mighty WordPress sites off a template so that even those with a smaller budget will end up with professional, flexible and easy-to-use sites for both the site owner and all the visitors.

Some of our Pressed sites

Cycle for Unity

Naftali’s Story

Heritage Seminars

illuminea is in the details

illuminea’s sites quietly and smoothly perform many tasks that, in our humble opinions, are basic to all sites. And yet they are often not included in other web development packages. Nonetheless we continue to insist on attention to detail because our experience has proven to us and our clients that that is what counts.

What Pressed gives you

  • A site optimized for search engines and social media
  • The ability to track the visitors to your site
  • A secure website
  • Secure hosting and support – upgrades, backups, and friendly technical support from the illuminea team.
  • A site that is compliant with the latest web standards and has built-in essential functionality
  • The installation and configuration of all the plugins we currently recommend (approximately 10-15 of them)
  • A few amazing premium plugins which bring your site to a whole other level (this is the stuff that excites us)
  • A form module which includes:
    • A drag and drop form construction interface
    • The ability to export data to Excel
    • Automatic emails to administrators and those who fill out your form
  • Everything else that basic WordPress gives you (more on that below)

Besides the technical stuff, you will also be getting:

  • A professional and friendly team that helps you make good choices during every step of creating your site
  • After site launch, on-going support from the same WordPress professionals

How Pressed works

  1. We give you a questionnaire to fill out which helps you and us understand what your needs are for your new site.
  2. We provide you with a list of premium theme sellers for you to look through and find the theme that best meets your needs.
  3. After you have chosen three themes, we study them carefully, talk to you about how you plan to use them, speak to the theme creators to get any extra information necessary, and then finalize with you on one of the themes.
  4. We install your new theme, set up the site using the theme options, insert a logo if you have one, optimize the site with all the extra goodies mentioned above (and more), and create an initial navigation.
  5. We train you how to use WordPress and how to manage your new site.
  6. Launch!
  7. You bask in the glory of your shiny new WordPress site.

WordPress features

The benefits of WordPress are many. To name a few:

  • Flexibility – today you need a site off a template. Tomorrow you need one that does change sand into gold. Down the line, you can always change the theme and add functionality, without losing traffic you’ve built to your site’s links.
  • No vendor lock-in – because WordPress is open-source, you can always work with other WordPress web developers if you so choose.
  • Over 1000 templates to choose from
  • Completely customizable drop-down menus
  • WYSIWYG editing interface
  • Anti-spam
  • Blog
  • Multiple RSS feeds available
  • Built-in site search
  • Multi-user capabilities
  • Schedule entries
  • Comments, trackbacks
  • Categories and tags for organizing your content
  • Custom URLs
  • Data portability – you can import and export data to other sources

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