See updates that a Facebook Page is trying to hide

Have you ever posted a status update on the Facebook Page of a company in order to complain about something, only to find that your post has been removed by the page admin? It can be very upsetting. You can’t help but feel that your freedom of expression is being limited, and that the company is trying to look squeaky clean by eradicating anything negative that might be said about them.

An interesting (and disconcerting) new service by ZoomSphere called Hidden Post Explorer takes that power out of the hands of Facebook Page admins. Go to this tool, enter the name of any Facebook Page, and watch as all the angry, hidden and weird posts unfold before your eyes.

I randomly (not) chose Pelephone, one of Israel’s major cellphone service providers, to see what’s going on behind the scenes on their page. Check it out:


For the non-Hebrew speakers among you, here are some excerpts:

“I’ve had enough of you already!! I left my iPhone for repair (because it has reception problems)! They gave me a replacement phone that also has reception problems! It says “searching…” and then says “no reception”!!!! What will be, what??????”

“It’s over two weeks now that I’m dealing with your customer service over an agreement I made in your customer service center! Shame on you that the salesperson does the sale and signs the agreement in place of the customer! And even worse, it takes you over two weeks to deal with a complaint made to the Public Trust [Emun Hatzibur, an Israeli non-profit that advocates for consumer rights – MS] organization! I’m tired of being patient and waiting  for you to get back to me! See you in court over impersonation!”

And other gems like these. You can do this with any Facebook Page. So aside from being able to see what Facebook Page admins are trying to hide, we all need to remember that like pretty much anything that has to with our online, digital lives – nothing is truly private or hidden.

Via MarketingLand