SphinnCon Israel review part 1: Barry Schwartz’s introduction

I know this is way overdue, but I actually have to work sometimes. So apologies.I already wrote a general overview of SphinnCon Israel. The next four posts will cover the sessions, and the information that I thought was most interesting and useful. Barry Schwartz from Rusty Brick and Search Engine Roundtable kicked off the event […]

Are we reaching the social media saturation point?

Social media is hot. It’s what VCs are investing in, and bright entrepreneurs are looking for investment in. It seems to me like there are three groups involved in this brave new world of media: The new New Media companies that are popping up every minute, each hoping to be the next MySpace or the […]

Google Adwords vs. Dapei Zahav (Yellow Pages)

Small businesses have small marketing budgets. In a previous post, I listed 5 low-cost ways to market your business. Two of the methods mentioned were advertising on Google Adwords and Dapei Zahav. Since bootstrapping businesses need to ensure that every advertising dollar is justified, I decided to conduct an unofficial study comparing Google Adwords and […]