Cool Tool: Use LogMeIn to Access Any PC Over the Internet

Like many people, I use more than one computer for my work. Some people use their computer in their home plus an office computer, and some like myself, have a desktop and a laptop. My laptop allows me to be mobile and work wherever I like and take my material to meetings with clients, but […]

Lesson from 2006 – Marketing Diversity

Ben Yoskovitz at Instigator Blog initiated a Group Writing Project where people can share any lessons they learned over the course of 2006. So here’s my lesson from this year: diversifying your marketing strategy can benefit your business, and it is possible to do this on a shoestring budget. Diversity is good People generally agree […]

Cool Tool: Zoho Planner – Every to do has its place

One of the challenges of running your small business is the number of tasks for which you are responsible. Your tasks range from the exciting to the mundane, the very short-term to the very long-term, and are related to clients, service providers, and even your family. While we all want our businesses to grow, this […]

Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 3 of 3

5 steps to an effective e-newsletter campaign An exciting subject line – your readers are bombarded with emails every day, including other newsletters. Your first goal is to get them to open your newsletter, and your subject line plays an important role. First, make sure that it is obvious that the email came from your […]

Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 2 of 3

What should you write about? So you’re ready to send out your first e-newsletter where you’re going to tell your clients how amazing you are at what you do and why they should order more business from you. Don’t do it! Your newsletter’s level of effectiveness is directly related to how interesting it is. A […]

Using an e-newsletter to grow your business – Part 1 of 3

Out of site, out of mind Out of site out of mind. This saying applies to your business as much as it does to anything else in your life. And in business, you want to remind your clients that you are there and ready to help them. Even the most successful businesses with the happiest […]

Cool Tool: Weebly – Website Creation Made Easy

Part of the Web 2.0 movement is the increasing ease of creating a web presence. Thanks to Blogs, Wikis, and other similar platforms, pretty much anyone can post content on the web. Weebly is a free service that allows users to create a pretty decent looking site quickly and easily. The site can either be […]