Social Media Secrets – presented at IBM for SSVN event

This past Wednesday, July 8 I was privileged to be the “keynote speaker” (I find that term kind of amusing, thus the quotation marks) at IBM for the latest SSVN (The Startups & Societal Ventures Network) event. The challenge of talking to a large group about social media is trying to make sure that the […]

List of Digital Eve Israel bloggers published by JobMob

Digital Eve is a global organization for business women, with about 20 branches around the world. Most of the branches are in the US and Canada, and only three are international: Japan, the UK, and…you guessed it: Israel. The Israeli chapter of Digital Eve consists of a very active and professional email list with about […]

GM expands social media marketing strategy…and sees sales up

GM is one of the few automobile giants who has enthusiastically adopted social media as part of their marketing strategy. And now GM sales are reported to be up, while other auto companies like Ford and Toyota are reporting drops in sales. Is there a connection? First GM blog launched in 2005 General Motors was […]

Spam-fighting Israeli company Commtouch launches new corporate blog

Commtouch, one of the world’s leading email spam fighters, has now officially launched their new corporate blog, Commtouch Cafe, which was built by none other than…illuminea (i.e. us)! Founded in 1991 in Israel and publicly traded on the NASDAQ (CTCH), Commtouch’s technologies help companies avoid the rising costs of email spam by constantly monitoring, identifying […]