Burger King kills the Whopper to feed its viral video stunt

Burger King has hit viral video payday with their new Whopper Freakout viral video. In the video, customers at Burger King in Las Vegas are told that the Whopper has been discontinued. They are shocked and even outraged, or as the website puts it – they “freaked out.”Viral video success is basically about getting lots […]

Marketing 101: Give them Bling and they will pay (a lot) for it

Here is the ultimate example of the value of good marketing and packaging: bling H2O, which is basically glorified water in a really pretty bottle, that costs as much as some people in the world make in a year. People pay more for water already when it’s in the form of mineral water. But in […]

4 steps to a really professional blog (RPB)

More and more professionals are starting their own blogs. There is a growing realization that blogging can help advance a person professionally, or market a business. It helps establish them as thought leaders, create relationships with people they wouldn’t normally connect to, and increase search engine rankings for their corporate sites. But it’s hard to […]

How do I get a job as a copywriter?

Someone just wrote to me on facebook from Seattle asking me how can go about becoming a copywriter. I wrote him back, and I thought my answers might help others, so here they are (slightly modified): Study English Literature. I don’t know about all English Lit departments, but in Bar Ilan we had to write […]

Principal from leading Washington DC firm to speak at upcoming Entrepreneur Breakfast

It’s that time of year again: the next Entrepreneur Breakfast meeting is coming up, and we’ve got an amazing speaker lined up for you. Ruth Shlossman, Principal at the Washington DC-based negotiation consulting firm, Watershed Associates, will be the guest speaker at the upcoming Entrepreneur Breakfast meeting on Monday, September 17, 2007. Ruth will be […]

Facebooking for business

Facebook is on everybody’s minds these days (or blogs). It’s the latest killer app/site/web 2.0/social/community thingy. Well, it’s not really the latest, since it’s been around for a few years, but since they opened up registration to non-college people, it really took off. Since I joined Facebook, I’ve been able to create a continuous connection […]

Google Adwords vs. Dapei Zahav (Yellow Pages)

Small businesses have small marketing budgets. In a previous post, I listed 5 low-cost ways to market your business. Two of the methods mentioned were advertising on Google Adwords and Dapei Zahav. Since bootstrapping businesses need to ensure that every advertising dollar is justified, I decided to conduct an unofficial study comparing Google Adwords and […]

New Initiative: Entrepreneur Breakfast

Recent conversations with other entrepreneurs and small business owners have made me realize that the problems and challenges I face as a small business owner are not unique. While in the past I have felt like I must be the only one in the world to face these issues, it seems that no matter what […]

Digital Eve Meets Jerusalem at Speed-Networking Evening

Last night I attended my first speed networking event. It was organized by Digital Eve, who has held two such events in Tel Aviv, and last night’s was the first one in Jerusalem. Where? The venue, the Pera e Mela (Apple and Pear) restaurant in Safra Square, was great – good Italian-style food, nice ambience, […]