4 reasons to have a business blog

Blogs are everywhere. Millions exist and thousands of new ones are created daily. Blogs cover almost every theme and topic under the sun, and can range from personal, to political, to business. Personal and political blogs are generally written in the blogger’s free time, and the goals can include personal fulfillment, self-expression, and the opportunity […]

How do you fit exercise into your work schedule?

According to the entrepreneur experts, it is important that business owners create a carefully structured work/life schedule, because if they don’t, work and life can blend and this can be bad etc. When I first started out, I did manage to define my work hours. But that was at the beginning, when I had way […]

New Initiative: Entrepreneur Breakfast

Recent conversations with other entrepreneurs and small business owners have made me realize that the problems and challenges I face as a small business owner are not unique. While in the past I have felt like I must be the only one in the world to face these issues, it seems that no matter what […]

Vote for illuminea on the Blogger’s Choice Awards

illuminea has been nominated as a candidate in the Blogger’s Choice Awards for Best Business Blog. Ok, I nominated me. Yeah, not the coolest thing to do, but nobody else was nominating me, and yes, you’re allowed to do that… Don’t get me wrong – I’m not that egocentric that I actually believe that illuminea […]

20 Things You Should and Should Not Do Before Starting Your Small Business

Dane Carlson lists 20 Things Not to Do Before Starting A Business. While I agree with some of his points, I disagree with many others and think that if you follow them, they will either hinder the growth of your business, or get you into trouble. Dane’s point was to help entrepreneurs bootstrap, but it […]

Business magazine predictions: take them with a grain of salt

The media exudes an aura of authority. They write and talk like they are experts and know-alls on whatever topic it is they are discussing at that moment. And many people refer to the media for their knowledge on many issues; how many times have you heard someone say “But I read it in the […]

6 tips for cleaning up your computer (for Pessach)

With Pessach around the corner, many people are busy scrubbing their homes to rid them of all signs of chametz. In honor of this season of cleaning, here are 6 (mostly) free tips on housekeeping for your computer that anyone can do to keep it optimized and in good health: Antivirus program – make sure […]

ROWE – the future of the work-life balance?

It is apparent that many women find the work environment to be a hostile place. Stories abound about women being asked all manners of inappropriate questions in interviews, such as if they have children, do they plan on having children, what does their husband think of their career, etc. Employers want assurance that work will […]

And on the subject of taxes…

One of my last posts was about the burden of taxes on small businesses, and how they stifle growth. To continue in that spirit, here are some quotes about the beauty of taxation: “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and […]

Coaching tailored for women and work

After I gave birth recently, I found myself in an entirely new situation with regards to motherhood and work. For the first time, I gave birth not as an employee, but as a business owner. This meant that I could not expect a maternity leave like the one I had known after my previous child […]