Announcing Corporate Blogging and Social Media Seminar in Jerusalem

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new course I’m giving on blogging and social media marketing strategies. About the course The new web, also known as web 2.0, is changing the way we communicate. With people spending more and more time online as active participants in the consumption and generation of content, companies […]

Bill Gates joins much improved LinkedIn

Bill Gates has just joined LinkedIn, and I can see why. I just visited LinkedIn and was pleasantly surprised to see their amazing new interface. The modifications to the interface, and the addition of new options and features has made it into a serious business networking tool that I could see myself visiting on a […]

GM expands social media marketing strategy…and sees sales up

GM is one of the few automobile giants who has enthusiastically adopted social media as part of their marketing strategy. And now GM sales are reported to be up, while other auto companies like Ford and Toyota are reporting drops in sales. Is there a connection? First GM blog launched in 2005 General Motors was […]

SphinnCon Israel coming up…and not a woman to be seen (on a panel)

SphinnCon Israel is sold out! SphinnCon Israel is a SphinnCon networking event focused on search and internet marketing, and is taking place this coming Tuesday, February 5 at the Jerusalem College of Technology (also known as Machon Lev). This event is exciting thanks to the incredible lineup, with representatives from well-known international companies like Google, […]

Spam-fighting Israeli company Commtouch launches new corporate blog

Commtouch, one of the world’s leading email spam fighters, has now officially launched their new corporate blog, Commtouch Cafe, which was built by none other than…illuminea (i.e. us)! Founded in 1991 in Israel and publicly traded on the NASDAQ (CTCH), Commtouch’s technologies help companies avoid the rising costs of email spam by constantly monitoring, identifying […]

My 4 step (ok, 16 step) social media strategy

There are so many social media sites and tools out there, that it’s hard to know which to pay attention to, and which to ignore. Also, how do we use them effectively and still retain time to get some real work done? A recent discussion took place on the CIWI (Connecting Independent Writers in Israel) […]

Burger King kills the Whopper to feed its viral video stunt

Burger King has hit viral video payday with their new Whopper Freakout viral video. In the video, customers at Burger King in Las Vegas are told that the Whopper has been discontinued. They are shocked and even outraged, or as the website puts it – they “freaked out.”Viral video success is basically about getting lots […]

Ads we want to watch: Scorsese does Scorsese doing Hitchcock…wine commercial

Part of the entry of new media into the world of marketing and advertising is that companies are losing control, and have lost their ability to monologue their message to us. This does not mean that the end of advertising is nigh, but rather that marketers need to rethink and reinvent their strategies, and actually […]