New! Course on Social Media Marketing for businesses

After a long break I’ll be giving a course on social media marketing for businesses on Sept. 23 and 30. The course had filled up already, but we’ve moved the venue to a bigger room so we have 5 spaces left for anyone interested. The course will take place in the Sandisk offices in the […]

A quick-start guide to social media marketing

Have you ever wanted to follow what’s being said about a certain topic around the internet? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. Monitoring tools are the primary way to track buzz about a given topic online. For someone conducting an online social media marketing campaign this is especially true. To properly promote something, […]

Starting a facebook group is not a social media strategy

First, a story: Almost a year ago, I met with representatives from one of Israel’s leading television and media networks, who had the backing of a prominent philanthropist to implement a social media strategy for Israel’s 60th birthday. Someone had recommended that they meet me, and I prepared a comprehensive presentation about what I called […]

7 lessons learned from digg’s home page

This past Thursday, our new media site, israelplug, reached digg’s home page. As we watched in disbelief, tens of thousands of readers flooded our site (and brought it crashing down in the classic “digg effect”). This was both exciting and frustrating. We learned a lot from this experience, and I would like to share some […]

Copywriting rule: good news first

LessAccounting is an online, web 2.0-type of application that allows small businesses to track income, expenses and invoices. Since I am always on the lookout for tools that will make my small business life easier, I signed up for the beta and was therefore informed of the launch via email. The website has a clean […]

Social media saturation point – part II

On July 30 I wrote a post asking whether we are reaching the saturation point for social media sites. The reason I wrote it is because it seemed to me that with the growing number of sites that exist that depend on ad revenue for profitability, there can’t possibly be enough advertising dollars to go […]

Are we reaching the social media saturation point?

Social media is hot. It’s what VCs are investing in, and bright entrepreneurs are looking for investment in. It seems to me like there are three groups involved in this brave new world of media: The new New Media companies that are popping up every minute, each hoping to be the next MySpace or the […]