SphinnCon Israel review part 1: Barry Schwartz’s introduction

I know this is way overdue, but I actually have to work sometimes. So apologies.I already wrote a general overview of SphinnCon Israel. The next four posts will cover the sessions, and the information that I thought was most interesting and useful. Barry Schwartz from Rusty Brick and Search Engine Roundtable kicked off the event […]

SphinnCon Israel coming up…and not a woman to be seen (on a panel)

SphinnCon Israel is sold out! SphinnCon Israel is a SphinnCon networking event focused on search and internet marketing, and is taking place this coming Tuesday, February 5 at the Jerusalem College of Technology (also known as Machon Lev). This event is exciting thanks to the incredible lineup, with representatives from well-known international companies like Google, […]

Burger King kills the Whopper to feed its viral video stunt

Burger King has hit viral video payday with their new Whopper Freakout viral video. In the video, customers at Burger King in Las Vegas are told that the Whopper has been discontinued. They are shocked and even outraged, or as the website puts it – they “freaked out.”Viral video success is basically about getting lots […]

7 lessons learned from digg’s home page

This past Thursday, our new media site, israelplug, reached digg’s home page. As we watched in disbelief, tens of thousands of readers flooded our site (and brought it crashing down in the classic “digg effect”). This was both exciting and frustrating. We learned a lot from this experience, and I would like to share some […]

Netvision is superior to ISOC-IL – or at least they think they are

Netvision apparently thinks that they are the rulers of all things Internet in Israel. They may have a large market share of Internet accounts, but their bravado with regards to Internet standards really takes the cake. Background: Like many services or technologies that are used worldwide, such as telephones and electricity, the Internet has Standards. […]

Cool Tool: Use LogMeIn to Access Any PC Over the Internet

Like many people, I use more than one computer for my work. Some people use their computer in their home plus an office computer, and some like myself, have a desktop and a laptop. My laptop allows me to be mobile and work wherever I like and take my material to meetings with clients, but […]

A website is part of your long-term vision

In yesterday’s post, I argued that a business should have a website right from the start so that they look professional for the first potential client that they meet. There are more reasons that a business should have a site from the beginning, and all of them have to do with vision – a big […]

If you build it (your website), they will come

A friend is currently enrolled in the MATI Small Business Course, a comprehensive course designed to provide budding entrepreneurs with the basics needed to start their own business. According to many of the lecturers at the current MATI course, it is not recommended for new businesses to invest in a website. These lecturers explained to […]

Remove customer purchasing fear with the shoe-burning method

A customer has walked into your store or has arrived at your web site. This person is interested in your product and plans to buy, whether from you or your competitor. Your price is reasonable and the quality of the product is good. But the person ends up leaving your store/site and buying the product […]

Cool Tool: Weebly – Website Creation Made Easy

Part of the Web 2.0 movement is the increasing ease of creating a web presence. Thanks to Blogs, Wikis, and other similar platforms, pretty much anyone can post content on the web. Weebly is a free service that allows users to create a pretty decent looking site quickly and easily. The site can either be […]