Presentation from F5-Refreshing: Why blogs are so great for SEO

A little over a week ago I spoke at the first F5-Refreshing meeting for Israeli women in the hi-tech and internet industry. Liat Vardi, the woman behind the group, did such a great job organizing the event, and it really fill a void in the Israeli hi-tech industry. You can see her follow-up post here. […]

SphinnCon Israel summary…more to come later

As I wrote a few days ago, SphinnCon came to Israel this week on February 5 in the form of SphinnCon Israel. It turns out that this wasn’t only the first SphinnCon in Israel, but it was the first SphinnCon ever! So, this is yet another example of a first for Israel, kind of like […]

Studies show companies with women execs outperform

Two separate studies conducted on the topic of women’s impact on businesses – one in Europe and one in the US – indicate that having women at the top of a company is good for the bottom line: McKinsey research released a study showing better-than-average financial performance by European companies with the highest proportion of […]

Interview with author of The ParentPreneur Edge: parents have an edge in business

A few months ago, I wrote a post about whether female entrepreneurs should hide the fact that they are mothers, and was lucky to get a comment from Julie Lenzer Kirk, author of “The ParentPreneur Edge: What Parenting Teaches About Building a Successful Business.” She said the following: Thank you for this post! I had […]

Women miss work less than men in Israel

Now there is one less excuse for not hiring women: according to a survey conducted by business data firm HSP Hashavim of the Hilan Tech and the Trendline group, women are absent from work less than men. This phenomenon is apparently unique to Israel, while everywhere else in the Western world women miss more work […]

ROWE – the future of the work-life balance?

It is apparent that many women find the work environment to be a hostile place. Stories abound about women being asked all manners of inappropriate questions in interviews, such as if they have children, do they plan on having children, what does their husband think of their career, etc. Employers want assurance that work will […]

Digital Eve Meets Jerusalem at Speed-Networking Evening

Last night I attended my first speed networking event. It was organized by Digital Eve, who has held two such events in Tel Aviv, and last night’s was the first one in Jerusalem. Where? The venue, the Pera e Mela (Apple and Pear) restaurant in Safra Square, was great – good Italian-style food, nice ambience, […]