WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

There are two questions we are periodically asked: What are the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?  How do I choose which one to use? First let me tell you in general the main benefits of each. WordPress.com WordPress.com is really, really easy to use. Yes, you need to learn how to use it but it’s so […]

Automattic creates a vertical blog source with FoodPress on WordPress.com

Automattic, the company behind WordPress and WordPress.com has taken a new direction in its activity with the announcement of a new website called FoodPress.com. FoodPress features blog posts aggregated from food blogs sitting on WordPress.com, and that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s a new venture into the world of verticals, sites that concentrate on a certain […]

Mapping a wordpress.com blog from scratch: Part two – the mapping

Read part one here in order to learn how to buy a domain name. Step II: Time to start mapping You own your dream domain! Don’t leave the domain provider site yet. Here is how to change the Nameservers in name.com. Click on the cute “Account” man button at the top of the page: You’ll arrive […]

Mapping a wordpress.com blog from scratch: Part one – purchasing a domain name

Who is this tutorial for? This tutorial is helpful to someone who has decided to have a wordpress.com blog but wants to look cooler or more professional by using a custom domain like deenascreations.com instead of the standard wordpress.com domain like deenascreations.wordpress.com. Notice that both of those links go to the same place? Once you […]