illuminea creates official WordPress plugin for Mad Mimi

We (illuminea) are so excited that we could be part of the creation of a shiny new plugin: Official Mad Mimi Sign Up Forms! for Mad Mimi, the email marketing service. Mad Mimi is all about making their users life simple. With WordPress being the winner in terms of market share for CMSs, they wanted to serve […]

Join us at WordCamp Jerusalem 2013: the official WordPress conference in Israel!

I know it’s been used before, but I find it hilarious. I love bad jokes. Okay, here goes:   How many WordPress developers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?   Answer: None! There’s a plugin for that.   (In my mind…BWAHAAHAHAHA!! Almost as good as freshly squeezed orange Jews.)   WordCamp Jerusalem 2013 is […]

Google Drive finally launches and other useful info from illuminea’s April 2012 webinar

Recently, we launched a new monthly lecture series to present the most important web trends for marketing professionals. Please join us at our next free WEBINAR: ”Latest Web Trends in 1 Hour” on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 10am.  Signup and details here. At the April 2012 Web Trends Webinar, Miriam Schwab, the Friendly CEO of illuminea, spoke […]

Why can’t I embed YouTube videos in WordPress?

About a year ago, WordPress added a feature that made it ridiculously easy to embed content from various sites (like YouTube, Slideshare, Vimeo) into WordPress sites. How to embed media in WordPress in a second If you want to embed, for example, a YouTube video in a post, all you do is paste the URL of the […]

New! Course in WordPress web design and development

illuminea college is offering an amazing course through which you’ll learn all the basics you need to know in order to get a website up and running using WordPress. Why WordPress? WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS). Basically this means that regular people like you and me can, relatively very easily, build […]

Automattic creates a vertical blog source with FoodPress on

Automattic, the company behind WordPress and has taken a new direction in its activity with the announcement of a new website called FoodPress features blog posts aggregated from food blogs sitting on, and that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s a new venture into the world of verticals, sites that concentrate on a certain […]

Mapping a blog from scratch: Part two – the mapping

Read part one here in order to learn how to buy a domain name. Step II: Time to start mapping You own your dream domain! Don’t leave the domain provider site yet. Here is how to change the Nameservers in Click on the cute “Account” man button at the top of the page: You’ll arrive […]

Mapping a blog from scratch: Part one – purchasing a domain name

Who is this tutorial for? This tutorial is helpful to someone who has decided to have a blog but wants to look cooler or more professional by using a custom domain like instead of the standard domain like Notice that both of those links go to the same place? Once you […]

Life after WordCamp Jerusalem 2010

It’s a month since WordCamp Jerusalem which is basically how long it took us to organize the whole thing. And it’s taken about a month to regroup, between the aftermath and all the holidays. But all the hard work was worth it since we’ve gotten great feedback on the event which took place on September […]