How do I get a job as a copywriter?

Someone just wrote to me on facebook from Seattle asking me how can go about becoming a copywriter. I wrote him back, and I thought my answers might help others, so here they are (slightly modified): Study English Literature. I don’t know about all English Lit departments, but in Bar Ilan we had to write […]

Copywriting rule: good news first

LessAccounting is an online, web 2.0-type of application that allows small businesses to track income, expenses and invoices. Since I am always on the lookout for tools that will make my small business life easier, I signed up for the beta and was therefore informed of the launch via email. The website has a clean […]

The Beauty of Chinese English (or Why the Chinese Desperately Need Editors)

Many of us have seen the English marketing material published by Israeli companies that not only is unclear, but can also be embarrassing. Thankfully, many Israeli businesses are aware of the importance of quality content in a global market, and this awareness is spreading. As a result, Israeli companies are successfully positioning themselves against global […]

I won a prize!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been out of things for a bit because I gave birth on Sunday, Dec. 31. While I was in the hospital, I received an email from Ben Yoskovitz informing me that my submission to his Group Writing Project on “What I Learned in 2006” won a prize! […]