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Tailored workflows and a team of developers at the ready, to meet your ever-changing needs.

Websites are always scaling and evolving. Our tech team services provide you with an as-needed development team to take care of updating and growing your website.

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We partners with fast-growing software companies that are seeking a development partner to take ownership of their website and work closely with their marketing team to ensure that their objectives are met and exceeded.

At illuminea, we are uniquely qualified to fulfill this need as our organizational structure is, at its foundation, flexible, scalable, and designed to keep up with the growing needs of your company.

Our Workflow

We create tailored workflows and teams according to your need. Our teams are flexible and scalable to give you the right people for the right tasks at the right time, be it design or development. We use Asana as our main project management tool to manage, assign, and communicate about tasks in Kanban style boards, to maintain a high level of efficiency and transparency. Our pricing structure depends on need as well. We can give project-based pricing if there is a significant list of tasks to be done, or we can charge hourly for one-off tasks. If hourly, the hours will be accumulated and billed with a report of work at the end of each month.

We have had the pleasure of forming relationships with numerous tech-related and software companies and have worked to become their tech team and to lend our expertise to help them achieve their goals. A few examples are:

Why illuminea?

We become a partner for your digital needs, whether marketing, design, or technology. Our goal is to help your organization succeed.

Our people & experience

Our company is our people. Our company was established 14 years ago here in Israel as a WordPress development shop. In 2019, illuminea was acquired by LeverageIT, a North American digital agency ( We have since grown to include 3 offices and over 30 full-time staff. We started out as a website agency, but have evolved to include software and app development, design, and marketing.

Our core staff bring decades of experience in technology, design, and marketing, we believe that the intersection of these 3 disciplines is what creates outstanding digital experiences.