Upcoming Events and Conferences in Israel for December 2008

December 1-2,2008. Ramat Gan, Israel. The World Summit of Cloud Computing IGT Annual Event & Exhibition. This year the IGT Annual event IGT2008 will focus on Cloud Computing, and its impact on the enterprise IT, the next generation data center, SaaS and Utility Computing. Speakers from cloudera, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Forrester, DataLine, Microsoft, Reservoir, NYSE Euronext, HP, Salesforce, Animoto, Sun Microsystems, Merill Lynch, and many more. More details.


December 3, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. John Bryce is hosting a seminar series on Web2.0 – 4 meetings of 4 hours each to discuss web2.0 – blogging, social networking, wikipedia, Ajax, enterprise2.0, and more. More details.

December 3, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. Amazon Web Services, Tel-Aviv Meetup. At the Afeka Tel Aviv College of Engineering, The Ficus Building, Room 30. From 6:30 to 11:00 PM. Come meet the Amazon Web Services EMEA team and learn about how Cloud Computing is enabling Israeli companies to flourish in these troubled times.

December 3, 3008. 9 Hamenofim St. Herzeliya, Israel. “Head to Head” with Rich Zippel, VP CTO Sun Microsystems. At Ackerstein Tower A, 8th floor. From 13:00 – 15:00 you can be part of an open forum with Rich and ask him whatever you like. For instance: the future of cloud computing; how does Sun Labs manage its project flow; what is new with Sun; etc. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to interact with one of Sun’s driving forces.

December 3, 2008, Jerusalem, Israel. The Jerusalem Investing Meetup. Meet others interested in investing in stocks, bonds, options, and whatever financial strategy you care to learn more about. Join us at the Jerusalem Investment Group’s December meeting to learn and discuss how to persevere through this bear market and begin rebuilding your portfolio and wealth with an eye towards the future. Starts at 6:30 PM; join the meetup group for a precise location.


December 4, 2008, Petach Tikva, Israel. Job Search 2.0 – A workshop to help you build your profile on LinkedIn, tips for networking, good practices for dealing with human resources, and more. More details and to sign up.

December 4, 2008, Israel. Welcome, Herzeliyya Entrepreneurs and Investors! Meet a new network of local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to share tips and problem solving techniques, get advice on profitability and career and discuss mentoring and business models. Swap business cards and watch your personal business directory grow! Join the meetup group to receive a location.

December 8, 2008, Present Tense Office, 64 Emek Refa’im, Jerusalem, Israel. SEO Expert Panel Discussion. Panelists will discuss their approaches to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and give specific practical tips on how to optimize Web sites for better search engine ranking. Admission is NIS 20 and registration is required via facebook RSVP. The office is directly above a bridal shop.

December 8, 2008. The Jerusalem College for Technlogy, Jerusalem, Israel. The Jerusalem Business Networking Forum. The JBNF promotes business networking among English speaking professionals in business, high tech and investment fields in Jerusalem. Each meeting will feature a speaker on a different topic relating to business in Jerusalem. 18:00 sharp! Cost is $5 per person. RSVP.


December 9, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. OpenSource08. More details.


December 9, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. Health08 conference. More details.

December 10, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. The Marketing and Communication Network of the Gvahim project is honored to invite you to attend its networking event:
Targeting Israeli customers: how to make successful your communication campaign in times of crisis? What are the key factors of success for an Israeli or an international brand to make an efficient marketing and communication campaign in Israel? At Beit Zion America (ZOA House), 1, Daniel Frish St. 7 PM. Register here.


December 14-15, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. Globes – The Israel Business Conference, considered the country’s most prestigious event. With the participation of the Prime Minister, ministers, businesspeople, and Israel’s most influential experts, the annual Israel Business Conference is the place where new business ventures, deals and decisions are announced, new trends are launched, and new strategies, plans and ideas are formulated. More details.


December 16, 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel. Breakfast with Jeff Pulver and friends.  Network with real-life social tagging. If you’ve never been to one of Jeff’s breakfasts, watch this video: Introducing the Personal Social Networking Toolkit


December 17, 2008. Jerusalem, Israel. Breakfast with Jeff Pulver and friends. 9 AM to 11 AM. 41 King George St. Network with real-life social tagging. If you’ve never been to one of Jeff’s breakfasts, watch this video: Introducing the Personal Social Networking Toolkit More details.

December 30, 2008. Tel-Aviv, Israel. TechAviv Israel December Meetup. For, by, and about Israeli tech startups. Presenters will be anonced shortly. Starts at 7 PM, for a precise time join the meetup group. For more general information, check out the TechAviv website.