Upcoming Events and Conferences in Israel for February 2009

Here are some upcoming events posted on our Israeli hi-tech and  business events calendar. Check out the calendar to see a full list of all the events and conferences in February 2009.

Twestival Jerusalem

February 12, 2009, Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem Twestival, over 180 cities worldwide will be hosting Twestival 2009 to raise money for Charity:Water which provides clean drinking water to villages in Africa. More details.


February 15-20, 2009. Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem International Book Fair is a unique biennial event which draws over 1200 publishers from more that 40 countries who display more than 100,000 books in different languages. More details.

February 16, 2009. Ranaana, Israel. Lecture by Prof. Judith Donath on social media and networks “ Visible interactions: The Design of Sociable Media “Designers of online environments shape the social potential of these spaces far more profoundly than do the architects of our familiar physical spaces: they determine whether participants are anonymous or named, whether history persists, whether reputations are prominently displayed or privately discussed.


February 17-19, 2009. Eilat, Israel. International Renewable Energy Conference & Exhibition. Technologies, Investments, Implementations and Regional Development. The focus will be on formulating strategies to fight the global energy crisis. Examples of successful industrial or governmental strategies will be presented. Networking will be conducive to transforming specific threats into business opportunities. More details.

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