Project Checklist

Let’s get to know each other a little better

  • 1. Website purpose and goals

  • What is your overall vision for the new website and what do you specifically hope for it to achieve?
  • 2. Who is it for?

  • Who are you specifically looking to attract and engage with your new website?
  • 3. Logo and branding

  • Is your logo very corporate? Is it bright and quirky? Has it got a rounded font? These are all factors that will shape the design, look and feel of the website.
    In our experience, it’s almost impossible to design and build a great website when starting with a poor logo and brand. Therefore, it is crucial that you start with a unique, high-quality logo and brand which will connect with your target audience.
  • 4. Copywriting

  • Having great copy which engages your target audience, identifies their pain points and moves them into action is key to any successful and engaging website.
  • If not, we would highly recommend you ask about copywriting when considering our service.
  • 5. Digital assets

  • A great website will take your unique business assets and bring them to the forefront for your users to see and engage with.
    Therefore, it’s really important to list all the key digital asset and make sure these have been provided to the designer to include on the design of the website.
  • 6. Website functionality

  • Are there any particular tasks you wish the new website to perform for your audience? Also, are there any business assets you want it to integrate with?
  • 7. Tracking, analytics and re-targeting

  • Tracking how clients and potential clients use your website is vital to giving your team and the agency insight into how to improve the website going forwards.
    Adding re-targeting technology such as Google and Facebook retargeting will also help serve ads to people who have visited your website at a low cost.
  • 8. Lead and data management

  • Getting new leads through your new website is always a great moment! But where is all of that lead data going? Moreover, who does it need to go to?
  • 9. GDPR & Accessibility

  • With increasingly-strict legislation being introduced about both data protection and web accessibility, it is important that your website is compliant with these rules (local and international) and respects users’ personal information and privacy and ability to navigate your site.
  • 10. Post-launch

  • What ongoing work do you envisage being needed for the website, following successful completion of the project?
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