WordCamp Israel – updates and tidbits

WordCamp Israel is fast approaching, and I wanted to update you on what’s going on.

First of all, the registration closed a little over a week ago – capacity has been reached. I know there are a lot of disappointed people who really wanted to come, but hopefully it will either work out for them this year, or they’ll manage to register in time for next year’s conference.

Second, I’m going to be moderating the panel on Blogging and Business. We have a really great panel, and I hope it will be enjoyable and informative. Here’s a bit about our panelists:

  • Me. My company, illuminea provides blog development and strategic consultation services to businesses.
  • Ouriel Ohayon. Ouriel is the General Manager at LGiLab, a VC company, and he blogs on VCs, business, startups, and more. His blog has a very wide following.
  • Yigal Chamish. Yigal is an expert in knowledge management, and approaches blogs as a tools for creating effective learning and knowledge-sharing environments.
  • Kfir Pravda. Kfir produces magazines and video for the Web, and works with companies and groups both locally and internationally to help them use blogs as business and marketing tools.
  • Yisrael Blechman. Yisrael is the CTO of Blink, which specializes in research, development and application of Web 2.0 methodologies and technologies for both intra- and extra-organizational purposes.

Third, Lorelle has written a few posts in preparation of the upcoming conference that provide an interesting perspective on blogging and Israel:

That’s it for now, and I hope I’ll see you there! Remember: Oct. 25, at 9am at Michlelet Afeka in Tel Aviv.