WordPress e-comm unlocked

Some potentially exciting news popped up on my newsfeed today courtesy of WPMayor. BigCommerce has emerged with a WordPress integration that would allow you to power your e-commerce store within your WordPress site while still relying on the BigCommerce backend to manage your sales.

For as long as I can remember, I have relied on 2 options for running an e-commerce website – Use Woocommerce within your WordPress website for sites that were websites first and stores second, or forget WordPress and run your store through Shopify.  I have been a Shopify fan for years, partially due to Canadian loyalty but mostly because of just how easy they make it to set up a store and then run it post launch. There are no security worries, integrations abound, and their ready made themes are malleable enough to develop a great looking store.

Woocommerce has always been…well…fine. It does the job but it’s clunkier, and is only as safe as your site configuration. Don’t get me wrong, Woocommerce has come A LONG way in ensuring solid addons and integrations but working an e-commerce store from within a WordPress installation can never compete with 3rd party software whose main goal is smooth store management.

In comes BigCommerce. I haven’t had the opportunity to play around with BigCommerce much, mostly because it never seemed worthwhile when Shopify was doing such a great job. But, if we could have a glorious union between beautiful and custom made, scalable website (WordPress) AND seamless store management (BigCommerce) – then count me in!